What Is Wine Balanced?

Wine Balanced is a mixture that mainly consists of natural ingredients from Norway’s Arctic waters. The filtered mix is wrapped in a small teabag that is inserted into the wine in order to improve both the wine’s quality and taste while also reducing the likelihood of wine headaches and migraines.

The main ingredient, Corallina, is a seaweed plant with abrasive calcareous skeletons. Corallina adds many vital minerals to the wine, including Magnesium and Calcium. The algae shells from Corallina are the main ingredient used in our revolutionary product. Corallina Officinalis used in Wine Balanced is found throughout much of the Norwegian coast from Trøndelag in the south to Finnmark in the north. This pink and white algae consists of lime and is consequentially very hard. The Corallina utilized in our products are retrieved from the seabed via concession from Norwegian authorities. 

An additional ingredient, Chitosan, is a linear polysaccharide made from chitin shells of various crustaceans. This organic mixture has been used for generations with the purpose of cleansing water and other liquids. As Chitosan attracts impurities it is widely utilized by waterworks in treating drinking water. Known as nature’s own “super cleanser”, it has an inhibiting effect on bacteria and tests have proved Chitosan to reduce or even completely eliminate bacterial content. It is cleared for proteins and shall therefore not produce allergic reactions. A polymer, Chitosan both attracts and accumulates slag and humus particles.

Lastly, the wine filters consist of Calcium ascorbate, which is the calcium salt of ascorbic acid, a mineral ascorbate. This chemical compound of Vitamin C assists in removing Chlorine and affects the pH levels found in liquid forms. 

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Combined, the ingredients found in Wine Balanced help to reduce or eliminate wine headaches, itchy skin, hangovers, and sweating caused by wine drinking. Our 100% organic wine purifier also helps improve the taste and has been tested by laboratories around the world, including the Norwegian AnalyCen and Los Angeles-based NIVA Labs. Give our wine filters a chance and experience for yourself how these groundbreaking sachets can remove wine headaches and give new life to your favorite wine!

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