Sip with Confidence: Why Wine Balanced Is Unique

Wine headaches are a common problem, and a number of products have been invented to solve the issue: wine wands, wine drops, wine purifiers, sulfite removers, filters, and more.

You may then wonder, what makes our product uniquely equipped to eliminate headaches? Here are some of the reasons that truly make our filters unique.

European Secret

During a research trip to his ancestral town of Lillestrøm in Norway, our founder stumbled upon a surprising discovery. Along with uncovering his family's history, he also learned about a secret that had been used by Europeans for decades. This secret was a natural and effective way to remove histamines and sulfites from wine, which could cause headaches and allergic reactions in some people. Inspired by this discovery, he decided to bring this invention to a wider audience, and thus Wine Balanced was born.

Natural and Organic

Many traditional wine filters and purifiers use chemicals and additives to remove impurities from wine. These chemicals can leave behind residue and may alter the taste or aroma of the wine. With a natural and organic filter like Wine Balanced, you can avoid the use of harmful chemicals and enjoy a pure, unadulterated wine. Wine allergies and sensitivities are becoming increasingly common. Natural and organic wine filters can help remove compounds like histamines and sulfites that can trigger allergic reactions or headaches. Furthermore, organic wine filters are more environmentally friendly than traditional wine wands, filters, and wine drops.

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Safe and Tested

Another factor that makes Wine Balanced stand out is that it has been extensively tested and proven to be effective and safe. The filters utilize an absorption process that involves coral algae, one of the oldest organisms found in the ocean. We obtain the ingredients used in our products through concession from Norwegian authorities. The ingredients are retrieved from one of the world’s cleanest oceans in the Norwegian Arctic. The filter has undergone rigorous testing by independent laboratories, including by NIVA Labs and AnalyCen. Furthermore, the sachets are used by thousands of pleased customers throughout the world.

Wine Balanced is a unique and effective wine filter. Its combination of ease of use, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction make it a standout product, and in many ways a safer and more effective product than wine wands, wine drops, or other traditional purifiers and filters.

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